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When installing the reef offshore Nienhagen, anglers and diving tourists were interrogated too (see reports) to investigate an optional touristic use of such habitats. The current intensive use and the number of requests show that there is a strong interest and that an additional diving spot in the waters of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern was created. In addition to active diving, the operator of the "Tauchgondeln" (a kind diving capsule) in Zinnowitz and Sellin, Mister Wulff, searches for solutions that enable passive diving at the reef of Nienhagen.



Apart from these touristic options, the idea occurred to combine an artificial reef with underwater sculptures with observation technology at the reef for transferring live pictures to the internet. And art is closely connected to education, so there are also related ideas as, for instance, a creation of nature trails, interactive games, presentations and programs for school and university education.

By now, it is essential to bundle the different sectors, such as aquaculture, education, fishery, art, environmental protection, nature conservation, tourism, science and other economic services, and to investigate opportunities for multiple uses. Therefore, many suggestions for a connection of the reef on the seaside or on the landside were discussed with representatives of hydraulic engineering, the Water and Shipping Authority, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Rostock, the Ozeaneum Stralsund, the Ministry of Agriculture, Environment and Consumer Protection Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and many interested parties. The results were presented to the municipal council of Nienhagen which made the decision to integrate the reef into the municipality's touristic concept as they recognized the enormous potential of the project which is also the motivation of all contributors. Exemplary, the creation of jobs can be mentioned here.

The project-related brainstorming has not bee finalized yet. Thus, the LFA asks for active support. Still, not only interested persons with ideas but also investors are needed for a project like this.

From the perspectives of coastal protection and efficient passenger transport, a connection to the land via cableway has currently turned out to be the favourite (see animation).



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